The Birman cat is semi-longhaired, silky soft, very little grooming required.  Blue eyes, creamy white body, with different coloured 'points' on face, legs, ears and tail.  Pure white gloves on front paws and gauntlets on back paws.


They have a keen intelligence, loving natures and soft voices, making them excellent pets for all.


Contact us for information on acquiring a kitten (check the above kitten tab for availability)



Phone:  06 8568331



 Belicious Birmans

 (NZCF Registered Birman Cat Breeder) situated in the Central Hawkes Bay

a small hobby boutique - gorgeous kittens once a year.


Our Birmans all come from champion show winning lines, imported from the UK and Australia and bred here in NZ. Thank you Cheryl from Adorabella for generously allowing us to have three babies as our foundation Queens.




Our beautiful lilacpoint 


Our aim is to provide the best of the breed, brought up in the family home well socialised, loving and excellent companions  



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